10 ideas to win in the emerging markets

Is limited visibility limiting your brand’s growth in the emerging markets? Are you reaching millions to make millions? Is your sales force slowing you down? Register and download this point of view to get 10 ideas that can help your brand accelerate growth and win in the emerging markets.


Your emerging market retail supply chain – Is it demand driven?

Demand and competitive dynamics, fragmented supply chains, and complex logistics are some of the key challenges for consumer-driven companies in the emerging markets. Companies need to put in place a demand-driven supply network for retail execution in these markets. Read how adopting a demand-driven strategy gears the supply chain to meet actual consumer demand and how it helps companies better sense and respond to consumer behavior.


Racing ahead with secondary visibility

One of the essential components of the automotive industry is the automotive aftermarket. The changing dynamics of the automotive industry also impacts the aftermarket parts business. Read more on how technology-enabled secondary visibility helps suppliers address challenges in the aftermarket parts business in the emerging markets.


High-tech: How channel visibility helps make smarter business decisions?

Consumers in the emerging markets are powering growth and enterprises are finding innovative ways to reach out to these consumers. Read more on the importance of channel visibility and how it enables effective decision-making for enterprises.


Emerging markets – Distribution imperatives and strategies

One of the biggest challenges that can hamper growth of global brands in the emerging markets is the complex and varied nature of its distribution setup. Read more on how enabling collaboration and automation for distributors can turn these challenges into an advantage.


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