AssistEdge Robotic Process Automation for business processes

It automates "high touch" processes by modelling rules into software robots that run nonintrusively on existing heterogeneous IT environment. AssistEdge RPA uses the same validation, same security and data to ensure that 'change management' within the organization is minimal.


AssistEdge Integrated Device Monitoring

AssistEdge Integrated Device Monitoring (IDM) is a robust, non-intrusive product that monitors user's device activity and application usage. It provides intelligent insights aimed to improve user productivity, optimize costs and grow user engagement.


AssistEdge Smart User Environment to empower users in business operations

Contact center agents operational efficiency is enhanced significantly with Smart User Environment, thus leading to an increase in customer satisfaction. It helps agents resolve calls faster leading to a better customer experience. The AssistEdge Smart User Environment integrates with existing IT infrastructure of the enterprise, thus reducing time to market and expediting return on investment.


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